There’s nothing ordinary about the kitchen sinks made by Reginox. Visit us and find out for yourself

Reginox: ready for the future with years of experience


White ceramic kitchen sink by Reginox

Reginox develops, manufactures and sells sink units for a growing national and international client base.

Design since 1976
Reginox knows the value of design and is able to create the most beautiful stainless steel designs. Based on the internationally renowned term ‘Dutch Design’, we repeatedly succeed in being innovative – by paying attention to detail, with an eye for precision and always the right balance between functionality and design. Every sink is a wonderful example of custom design. Lifetime warranty.

Reginox Nevada

Nevada kitchen sink by Reginox

Quality since 1976
Each Reginox sink is manufactured with the most modern deep drawning techniques and the best stainless steel. the core value of our brand is quality, which we safeguard throughout the entire process: from the purchase of raw materials to the manufacturing stage, and from transport up to and including follow-up. this way we make it as easy as possible for you: if it’s from Reginox, you can rely on it. Lifetime warranty.

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