Kerakoll is easy to apply
For a professional finished look and feel …choose Kerakoll
Kerakoll for floors and walls

Kerakoll: Products and Services to build healthy homes that are kind on the environment

kerakoll for tiles

Kerakoll Eco friendly tile adhesives: safe for both the environment and you

Kerakoll, the GreenBuilding company.

Products, services and specific know-how formed the basis of Kerakoll’s rise to become the GreenBuilding Company, the only company to provide a global GreenBuilding solution that aims at designing, building, and living in harmony with the environment and in healthy spaces.

Kerakoll product Fugalite

Fugalite by Kerakoll: Liquid Ceramic for perfect joints

Kerakoll is one of the leading Italian suppliers of chemical products for tiles and construction work. The company provides a wide range of adhesives. The basic three types of industrial-type adhesives are Extra Eco, H40 Eco Tenaflex and H40 Eco Extraflex.

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