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eSigno by CISA

eSigno by CISA

CISA is the leading brand in Europe in the locking and access control systems sectors.

With a worldwide distribution in over 70 countries, CISA has a preeminent role in the international market. Many of the over 30.000 articles of the CISA catalogue are certified according to the European standards.

From traditional hardware products to advanced access control systems with smart cards, CISA’s 30.000 or so products suit even the most demanding professional’s requirements in the security sector.

Locks by CISA

Locks by CISA

First in the world to patent the electric lock, CISA develops and markets cylinders and locks for any kind of door, electronic locks, panic bars, door closers, safes and padlocks. CISA has been the first company in the world to patent and produce the electric lock.

First in the world to develop smart-card locks, CISA has integrated into its locks the new card microprocessor technology. Used as electronic keys, smart-cards guarantee top safety standards for any gate and entrance. With smart-cards, lighting and heating can be easily managed.

What’s more, smart-cards also allow a more efficient access control, as gates can be timed and every single entrance can be traced. CISA is an Allegion™ company.

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